Sacred Play

Purposeful Play & Heart Centered Connection

Join us for this somatic experience to welcome Autumn Equinox 


Past participants describe Sacred Play as...

  • The Dance of Connection
  • A Playground for Relating
  • Embodied Intimacy

Part ceremony, part dance, 100% fun, Moved is a sacred play space, a safe container for your self-expression. ALL OF YOU is welcome here - happy, sad, angry, afraid, timid or wild - you belong here! Clear blockages, move energy and access your own inner wisdom. 


Together in this moving ceremony, we welcome the time of balance, a time when the light and dark, masculine and feminine, inner and outer, are equal once again. We celebrate the gifts of the Earth and all that has been harvested. As we honor the cycles of the Earth, we honor the cycles of our lives.

Deeply nourish and hydrate your soul from the inside out. Restore alignment and get the support you need to break out of old, stale patterns into vibrant, fresh connections in your body, relationship & life!

To be moved is a choice and so is how you will experience this class.

Your presence is desired

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- Nancy 


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Experience Sacred Play

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Experience Sacred Play

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